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Demos on Computational Geometry

In MPT3 you can find several demonstrations that will help you to get acquainted with the toolbox.

Constructing polyhedral sets and their properties

The following demo shows how to construct basic polyhedral set Polyhedron and how to extract some properties of the set.


Constructing general convex sets and their properties

This demo introduces the concept of a general convex set that is referred to as YSet because it is imported from Yalmip.


Operations with polyhedral sets

The following demo is devoted to a set algebra and highlights some of the new features present in MPT3.


Construction of unions

This demo shows how to construct unions of sets and how to access some properties of the union.


Operations with unions of polyhedra

Demonstration of set algebra with unions of polyhedra in the same dimension.


Construction of functions and functions over sets

The demo shows how to construct Function objects and represent functions defined over polyhedra


and over unions of polyhedra (i.e. to get piecewise functions).


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