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HYCON2 Workpackage 6

MPT toolbox is a part of European HYCON2 project WP6 for integration of Matlab toolboxes for system-wide, networked, and embedded control design, analysis and simulation. As a part of this project we have received and tested the following benchmark examples.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Quadrocopter

The MPC data have been provided by C.A. Pascucci and A. Bemporad from IMT Lucca .

The demonstration shows how to achieve MPC control of the quadropter. The aim is to provide reference tracking while respecting the input and state constraints on the plant dynamics.


Power Network System

The MPC data for the benchmark example has been provided by S. Riverso and G. Ferrari-Trecate from University of Pavia .

The power network system comprises of 4 plants which are coupled by tie-lines. The goal of the control layer is to keep the frequencies at the nominal values and manage the tie-line powers in order to reduce power exchanges between areas. The following demo illustrates how to simulate MPC control of such a network in MPT framework.